The devil can be in the details of your steel building quote. To be sure nothing has been overlooked, look for these potentially hidden costs to be spelled out.

1. Does the quote include freight to your jobsite?

2. Does the quote include any applicable sales or usage tax?

3. Does the quote include all accessories such as preassembled pass doors with hardware, windows, framed openings for overhead doors and building insulation?
Energy codes have changed dramatically over the past few years; make sure the insulation meets current building codes.

4. Who is responsible for unloading the building upon delivery?
Often overlooked are things like equipment required and preparation to handle long sheets of roofing and wall panels.

5. Does the quote include all trims for the building?
Check for formed base trims, gutters and downspouts, eave and gable trims and snow protection.

These extra questions should give you peace of mind, but if you have any other questions about your quote, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 603.926.4966.